E V E R Y D A Y   G L A M (Standard)
This look is for the minimalist who doesn't require much to make a powerful statement. This is a full face makeup application, with a light feel and finish. Minimal eyeshadow work and includes natural looking strip lashes. 

R E D  C A R P E T  G L A M
Camera ready, show stopping glam. Perfect for birthday girls, special events and holidays. Detailed eye makeup (smoky eyes, glitter, cut crease, ect.) and a popping eyelash.

P O R T R A I T  G L A M
From head shots to bridal portraits, I've got you covered. Starting price below is for 1 look. Each additional look will be an extra fee.
$150 + $25 per look change




B R I D A L  C O N S U L T A T I O N (Recommended)
Scheduling a bridal consultation allows you and the bride to try a number of looks to make sure its perfect on the day of the wedding. It also allows the client to confirm the quality of the artist compared to photos seen online. You're wedding day is not one to play with. You will love every detail down to they eyelashes. Feel free to schedule your consultation on the day of your bridal shoot or shower! 

B R I D A L   G L A M
No one outshines the bride with this custom look. The bride and artist works together to create a one of a kind look to match her personality and overall vision of her wedding. So be sure to schedule a consultation (separate fee). 

B R I D A L   P A R T Y   G L A M
We accommodate a max of 6 people. So 5 bridesmaids plus the bride. If you need help finding a second artist for larger parties, let me know. The price below is per person.
$100 per person

L A R G E   P A R T Y   F E E (If applicable)
For bridal parties larger than 6 people, a second makeup artist is required. This will ensure everyone is done on time, and helps avoid extremely early call times. The bride can secure a second MUA on her own, or through this option I'll bring someone in I trust. The fee is determined by the size of the party. 
$100 & up

T R A V E L / P A R K I N G
Travel and parking fees are based on the location of the hotel/venue where you'll be getting ready. Clients outside of Georgia, send us an email for an out-of-state travel quote. Parking will be charged to your room or added to the final invoice the day of the event. 
$50 & up

A deposit of 50% down and a signed contract is required to hold your date. Once the contract is signed, the client must pay the deposit within 24hours. The balance will be due (1) week before the event date.
$ TBD $

*** P R O D U C T I O N / T V / O N - S I T E   G L A M ***
For creative or tv projects that will require 4-8+ hours my half or full day rate is required.
$600 +






Q: How long have you been doing makeup?

A. I have been doing makeup professionally for 5 years now and I absolutely love it.

Q: Do you work out of a Studio?

A: I'm a mobile makeup artist who will travel to you. Don't worry, my travel fees are reasonable. 

Q: What brands do you use in your kit?

A: I carry and use a number of brands like M.A.C, Make Up For Ever, NARS, L'Oréal, Laura Mercier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Black Opal, Lorac, and much more. I understand that every brand doesn't work for everyone's skin type or condition. This is why I have many options readily available for the client who's skin doesn't take well to any of the following. 

A. Brides

Q: How long does the makeup application process take?

A: The makeup application process takes 45 minutes per person from start to finish. Give or take some time depending on the state of the skin and brows. Understandably, clients with skin conditions can take more time. 

Q: How will I keep my lipstick in place throughout the day?

A: Touch up kits are provided to all brides, it is included in the cost. All other clients may request a touch up kit for $5.

Q: Will I still look and feel like myself?

A: Yes you will! I consult with my client every step of the way, while challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone. I'm known for my natural transformations. It's what I do best. If you're looking for more, I can do that too. However I never want to send any client away wearing makeup they typically do everyday.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: Paypal, Cash, Debit and Credit. No e-checks or checks! 

Q: How do I go about booking you?

A: Send an email through the contact form. Click 'Contact' located in the navi bar. If your desired appointment is available, a deposit is required to hold your appointment. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if client cancels. If the artist cancels for any reason, all monies will be refunded to the client.